Cheap Textbook Cartoon launches new online price comparison site for college textbooks

New intelligent search engine for finding the best prices to buy or rent textbooks.

SEATTLE, Sept. 19, 2012 - With the start of the academic year, The Cheap Textbook has launched a new textbook price comparison website aimed at making the task of shopping for the best prices much easier. This free service searches all the leading online vendors for the best prices of new, used, rental and e-books. Students can do their comparison shopping without visiting each vendor individually. The savings over bookstore costs are significant.

The site incorporates some unique features to assist students and parents in their search for the best deal. These include:
  • Spell checking - users often mistype the titles of books and as a result, the search returns are empty - the site suggests a corrected spelling in a manner similar to search engines. For example, a search for "professional sewing techniqes for designers" will result in the following correction: "professional sewing techniques for designers."
  • Alerting to better prices - Each time users click on a particular offering, the site ensures a better price does not exist. The website takes into account the total cost: while the book price may be lower at a certain vendor, their shipping costs may make them more expensive than a competing vendor. The Cheap Textbook ensures users do not overlook additional savings.
"These are simple things that many price comparison sites do not pay attention to, but which will make a student's shopping experience more efficient while saving them more money," said Ofer Matan, owner of The Cheap Textbook. "We all know students are looking for ways to stretch their budget, and that textbooks are one of their biggest expenses. The Cheap Textbook was designed to help students get the most from the dollars they have."

About The Cheap Textbook

Launched in 2012, The Cheap is a free, easy-to-use textbook price comparison website. It helps students find the lowest prices among the leading online bookstores. With one click, users can find the cheapest offerings among new, used, rental and e-books.


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