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The Cheap Textbook to Include Boundless Textbooks

Alternative textbooks appear in textbook search results

Seattle WA, December 17, 2013 - The Cheap Textbook announced today that it has recently added Boundless textbooks to its comparison shopping site. In addition to linking to the merchants with best prices for new, used, ebook versions and rentals, The Cheap Textbook will link to Boundless’ alternative textbooks for hundreds of popular titles.

Boundless offers online alternative textbooks for 21 introductory level college subjects. Each alternative textbook aligns to the topics covered by leading textbooks in the field. Boundless textbooks come with built-in study materials, such as quizzes and flashcards, designed to help students study more effectively. All Boundless textbooks are priced at $19.99.

“The Cheap Textbook’s goal is to help students get all the shopping comparison information they need quickly and easily. In addition to choosing whether to buy or rent and if to buy new or used, students can now also decide if Boundless’ alternative textbook is a good fit for them.” said Ofer Matan, owner of The Cheap Textbook.

“Students deserve better than the status quo of ineffective, overpriced textbooks,” said Ariel Diaz, founder and CEO of Boundless. “Today’s students expect more—and with Boundless textbooks we’re delivering the content and study tools they need at an affordable price they’ll love. Boundless serves more than 2 million learners each month, and we’re excited to work with The Cheap Textbook to reach even more students.”

About The Cheap Textbook

Launched in 2012, The Cheap is a free, easy-to-use textbook price comparison website. It helps students find the lowest prices among the leading online bookstores. With one click, users can find the cheapest offerings among new, used, rental and e-books.

About Boundless

Boundless is an innovative technology company making education more affordable and accessible for students everywhere. The company creates high quality textbooks in 20+ subjects that align to hundreds of popular college textbooks. Boundless integrates custom learning technology into all its premium books to help students study more efficiently at a fraction of the cost of traditional textbooks. The company also empowers educators to engage their students more effectively through customizable books and intuitive teaching aids as part of the Boundless Teaching Platform. More than 2 million learners access Boundless free and premium content each month across the company’s wide distribution platforms, including its website, iOS apps, Kindle books, and iBooks.


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